DeltaFXMarkets’s Money Manager may be exactly what you’re looking for your next trade

Are you looking for a product to fully customize trading accounts for your clients, or a simplified way to manage the trading accounts of your clients? DeltaFXMarkets’s Money Manager may well be the product you’re looking for to help simplify your life and leave your clients happy.

Are you searching for a solution to completely customize trading accounts for your customers, or an easy method to manage them? DeltaFXMarkets's Money Manager could be the item you're searching for to help make your life easy and leave your customers satisfied.

More about DeltaFXMarkets’s Money Manager?

How does flexible allocations, customizable trading conditions and market-driving pricing combined with the automatic calculation of commission sound? It may seem like a dream, but DeltaFXMarkets’s Money manager makes it reality: it is flexible, easy to use and modern, keeping your clients- and you- happy and trading freely.

Does it offer customizable trading conditions?

DeltaFXMarkets’s Money Manager provides you with a range of fully customizable trading conditions. In fact, you can customize all conditions in your MAM/PAMM trading accounts. Because of competitive pricing that is aimed at helping you and your customers, you'll have winning margins, or you can decide on a no-mark-up account that emphas fees and profitability within the MAM/PAMM. From the execution fees to leverage, margin calls and account currency, you can customize the Money Manager to suit your requirements.

What about automatic commission calculation?

All commissions are calculated instantaneously, to a real account. Performance fees may also be calculated at any specified time. These cannot be deducted haphazardly - you will need a limited power of attorney set for a regular interval, but can be accessed with ease through the MAM manager.

Will adding and removing funds affect trading activity?

As there are open trade positions to be considered, we can’t promise that no trade activity will ever be affected. However, funds can be moved at any time without affecting the account activity. In the specific cases when open trade drawdown becomes an issue, our support team are more than happy to help you, your client and the company come to a solution that is beneficial for everyone.

Is there a large selection of products?

DeltaFXMarkets’s money manager gives you complete access to our trading products. The customizable nature of the trading platform means you can charge your clients in line with your personal principles, keep your commission under control, improve transparency and access to products and avoid revealing too much about your trading strategy all while providing your clients with easy withdrawal and deposit. They [and you] have access to top-quality analytics to boot.

DeltaFXMarkets’s Money Manager sound like the solution for your needs? We’re sure it does! If you’d like to jump into trading commodities already, you can click through here and access our full range.

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