Trading Indices

One of the easiest ways to start as a novice trader is to try your hand at indices trading.

We always strive to provide a fair, transparent, and professional service to all of our customers and business partners. Our firm stance is that the foundations of successful trading are excellent platforms, professional trading experts and great trading conditions. We value integrity, innovation, and success as the most important parts of who we are as a brokerage. The combination of the above is what makes us stand out from other companies on the market.

Why Trade Indices with Us?

There is one simple reason why many investors trade indices with us - our excellent service and support. We provide guidance and information to our clients with various webinars, eBooks, trading specialist 1x1 lessons and much more.

Trading indices allows you to vary your trading tools and invest in the world's major financial centers. We offer leverage of up to 100:1, tight spreads and around the clock trading. With DeltaFXMarkets you can trade the world's leading indices (bourses) including stock trading, Dow Jones, FTSE, DAX, JSE and much more. All of these make DeltaFXMarkets is your go-to place for the ultimate trading experience.